Review: Lucy (2014)

By Karan Dholakia Lucy is a concept that is full of potential and has the capacity to stretch the boundaries of what sci-fi is. Has the capacity. These are the operative words. The problem with Lucy, was that although it contained several thought-provoking scenes and provided some insightful imagery that… Read more →

Review: Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

Nicole Kidman plays amnesiac Christine who wakes up every day having forgotten everything from the previous day. She pieces her life back together using a video diary she records on a camera. BIGTS is a slow moving British drama. Often too slow. The story is fairly predictable and 2-dimensional in… Read more →

Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction - Bay Once Again Shows Us Money Can't Buy Happiness - Even When There Are Robots Involved.

By Karan Dholakia The¬†Transformers films¬†aren't the worst bunch of flicks in the world, but damn do they suck hard. The issue is that as long as there's someone who wants to watch one of these films, they're going to keep getting made. As long as a studio has… Read more →