Captain America: Civil War (2016) Trailer Arrives

Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel revealed the world premiere for the first instalment of Phase 3, Captain America: Civil War. On first glance, there's a significant difference between this trailer and say, the Age of Ultron trailer. The first thing noticeable is the distinct lack of destruction and heroes in the Civil… Read more →

A Quick Note About Reviews

A quick note about reviews. I dislike reading reviews I can't get anything out of. It's useless. Yes, I can read a review to get an opinion, but I'll be frank; reviews are dying. There are an increasingly large number of sites who offer the same thing. 'Reviews' which are… Read more →

Fantastic Four (2015) - What Happened to the Superheroes?

Seriously, what did these guys have in mind when they started? Ben and Reed are at school, around 10 years old. Reed makes a matter teleportation machine that seems to work. Later, on finishing school he finds he is accidentally transporting matter to another dimension. 2/10 so far... A… Read more →